Luca Paschina
"I once said: ‘There are a lot of adjustments that you have to apply in a winery. You have to learn how to understand your soil, your climate, the types of grapes you grow here and adapt to them.’ And the same is true of a business relationship. We must learn how to manage and to do our best with what comes our way. Naturally you will run into differences of opinion, yet, in the three and a half decades of our winemaking business in and with Orange County, we have run into this an inconsequential number of times. Orange County has provided us with an ideal climate for both our winemaking and our business – all in this stunning and historic backdrop."

Vernon M. Baker
"I have been the administrator at Dogwood Village for almost ten years and have been amazed at the ownership that the community demonstrates for this facility. The community has embraced our residents and go above and beyond to enrich the quality of life for each one of them. It has been said that we are literally ‘the house that Orange built.’ A simple case of an Orange County citizen having a dream to build a nursing home for a friend’s mother, and he set out to dedicate his time and resources to make it happen. Henry DeJarnette might have passed in 1994, but his legacy lives on in Orange County with a thriving facility for senior health care, rehabilitation and assisted living. Dogwood Village of Orange County exemplifies a deep-rooted community connection and heritage of excellence. We are delighted and proud to be celebrating our 42nd year of business in Orange County!”
Vernon M. BakerAdministrator - Dogwood Village of Orange County

Carl Lambert
“I made my first jump at Skydive Orange in 1993, and I was immediately hooked – not only on the sport, but on the beautiful scenery and the wonderful people that come along with the area. I've been back to Orange pretty much every weekend since. In the nearly two decades since my first skydive, I have had the privilege of interacting with thousands of area locals, and so have the thousands of our regular jumpers and first-timers. We are welcomed at neighboring restaurants, shops and other locations, and we also welcome a good number of Orange residents who stop by to watch us jump, some even taking the plunge themselves. We are also fortunate to have a number of Orange residents on staff at Skydive Orange, which keeps the spirit of our drop zone very close to the friendly vibe found elsewhere throughout the area. Collectively, Skydive Orange regulars and visitors make more than 20,000 jumps a year and purchase more fuel from the county than any other aviation customer on site. If it weren't for our amazing relationship with the airport staff, county board of supervisors, surrounding businesses and the incredible Orange community as a whole, none of this would be possible."
Carl LambertSenior Instructor - Skydive Orange

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