Staying Healthy and Fit with Orange County Businesses

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it is the importance of health. The impact of this pandemic is causing lots of changes in our daily lives, and it can be confusing to figure out the best ways to stay healthy. Fortunately, Orange County is full of small businesses dedicated to health and fitness. They are going above and beyond to make sure their customers and clients are safe and protected. See for yourself!

From the Health Businesses:

Significantly impacted by the statewide lockdown, Piedmont Regional Dental Clinic (PRDC) opened back up at 50% capacity to the public in August. Deeply affected by not operating, PRDC incurred a buildup of expenses and are eager to help their patients again. PRDC has instituted a series of protective measures, including a pre-screening checklist two days ahead of appointments, check-ins from patient vehicles, temperature screening, and additional Covid-19 patient questionnaires. Clinically, they've installed multiple air purifying devices and HEPA and UV light filters. They want their patients and potential patients to know that their safety is their most important priority.

The same is true for the Orange County Free Clinic, located on Woodmark Street in the Town of Orange. Director Dorren Brown wants everyone to know that "We are still here and helping people." The Clinic has embraced phone appointments (more accessible than computer-based telehealth), patient waivers, temperature checks, regular cleanings, and new air purifying systems.

For some of our healthcare businesses, the work never stopped with the outbreak. Orange Chiropractic & Family Fitness is one of them as an essential business. On the pandemic's frontlines, Orange Chiropractic & Family Fitness has continued to offer their chiropractic services, family care, nutrition resources, BioFlex laser therapy, and therapeutic rehabilitation exercises. It is paramount to their practice to ensure that their facilities undergo super-sanitation frequently, that masks are worn at all times, and that their clients feel safe.

Co-owner Dr. Eileen Whalen says their message to their clients during this time has been: "The healthier you are, the less vulnerable and more protected you will be against the coronavirus or any other virus that you face." 

And this is undoubtedly true for other fitness-oriented businesses around the County. 

From the Fitness Businesses:

Getting creative with the restrictions, MFA Studios has sectioned off their studios into 10ft squares to maintain social distancing requirements. Now you can take their Zumba, HIIT workout, aerobics, toning, and kickboxing classes in your own personal square! MFA Studios also offers every class online through Zoom, and their equipment is available to rent for those wanting to work out from home. They are still offering dance classes for children.

Brushwood School of Dance is also taking the pandemic seriously and has incorporated several measures to protect its dancers. In fact, they've created an entire video about their new precautions. From temperature screenings to highly regimented cleanings, the Brushwood School of Dance wants their dancers to feel safe and protected. They also offer Zoom classes to their students!

Stay safe, and support our local Orange County Health and Fitness businesses!

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