Safe Places to Stay in Orange County During the Pandemic

Are you or a loved one traveling to Orange County this holiday season? We know that traveling during the holidays is already stressful. Add on a global pandemic, and it can seem nearly impossible. Don’t worry, we have several local accommodations that have been working tirelessly to implement COVID-19 precautions, ensuring that you have a safe place to stay.

Holladay House Bed and Breakfast:

Like many businesses, Sam and Sharon Elswick, the owners of Holladay House, have noticed the challenges COVID-19 has posed for their business and have adapted to make sure that their guests are safe. In addition to their employees not traveling outside of the United States in over a year, they have put protocols in place to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus and suggest that you visit their website to check out their policies before booking your stay.  

Inn on Poplar Hill: 

Despite the challenges Coronavirus brought, the Inn on Poplar Hill is committed to safely serving guests. They have enacted several preventative measures to combat the spread of COVID-19, these protocols include: closing specific rooms, setting up private dining tables on their covered porch, frequent cleaning of high touch surfaces, added signage, and requiring all guests to wear masks and practice social distancing. In addition, guests can engage in socially distant fun by walking over 2 miles of trails on the inn’s property.  They have also relaxed their cancellation policy to allow for flexibility. Book your stay today by visiting their website or Facebook page.

Mayhurst Estate:

Just three weeks after buying Mayhurst Estate, COVID-19 hit, and new owners Jason and Casey Cashell were forced to adapt. Their first two months weren’t easy, but they were able to use that time to focus their attention on making improvements to the property. For example, they worked on building renovations, planted a peony and lavender field, manicured the grounds, and brought in animals to the estate. All of this being a part of their vision to turn Mayhurst into an old-world, working estate modeled after the French countryside.

In addition to property upkeep, Jason and Casey spent their downtime working with health experts to ensure the safety of their guests and staff. They quickly came up with protocols and procedures that include masks, social distancing, and cleaning regimens. As a result of these policies, the owners have been able to safely welcome many guests to their property. Mayhurst Estate guests can enjoy many outdoor activities such as hiking on private trails that span the course of 37 acres, fishing in the lily pond, and playing with farm animals. Check out their website, Facebook, or Instagram for updates and availability. 

Round Hill Inn:

Round Hill Inn has also implemented several precautionary measures to ensure the safety of its staff and guests are of top priority. They include: masks, barriers at the front desk, signage around the inn, hand sanitizer stations, no housekeeping unless requested, rigorous cleanings, no room rentals back-to-back, and no breakfast. If they thought that they couldn’t create a safe environment they wouldn’t stay open. Stacy Harden, General Manager of the Round Hill Inn, states, “I would trust my family to stay here – and I wouldn’t stay open if I couldn’t do that.” You can check out their website for their updated policies and to book a stay. 

So, whether you are traveling for the holidays or just need a break from the city, Orange County has many Historic Inns and Bed & Breakfasts that are committed to making sure you have a safe and healthy trip! We ask that you check your accommodations COVID-19 protocols before booking your reservation and observe them during your visit.

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