Orange County and Virginia Tourism Corporation Announce 2021 Visitor Spending Results

ORANGE, VA – The Virginia Tourism Corporation (VTC) announced this week that travelers to Virginia spent $69 million a day in 2021, up from $48 million in 2020. Virginia’s tourism revenues also reached $25.2 billion in 2021, marking an 87% recovery to pre-pandemic spending in 2019. This spending supported 185,000 jobs, $7.1 billion in salaries and wages, and $1.8 billion in state and local taxes. 80 of Virginia’s 133 localities fully recovered to 2019 levels of spending and many grew even further.

“Tourism has seen an incredible comeback thanks to the hardworking leaders in the travel and tourism industry across Virginia,” said Rita McClenny, president and CEO of Virginia Tourism Corporation. “As travelers continue to visit communities across the state, Virginia is on pace to restore the tourism industry into the vibrant and highly performing economic engine it always has been. We look forward to an even stronger recovery in 2022.”

In Orange County, direct visitor spending in 2021 was up 34.1% over 2020 and has surpassed pre-pandemic levels from 2019.  Tourism Program Manager, Julie Perry said “We are excited to see such tangible evidence of Orange County’s tourism recovery and are grateful for the dynamic attractions, lodging, restaurants, retail and recreation businesses in our community who have labored to make this a reality.”   

Total Direct Visitor Spending in Orange County

2019 - $45.6 million

2020 - $37.6 million 

2021 - $50.5 million

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