Business Advantages

Business Advantages

With the Commonwealth of Virginia as the 2019 top-rated state in the U.S. for business, according to CNBC, Orange County is situated in a prime position as the site of your start-up or expanding business or industry. Its strategic location in Virginia’s north-central region makes it easily accessible to major cities, airports, ports, higher education, qualified labor force, as well as consumer and business markets. When you are making your choice of location for your new or expanding business, consider these reasons and think Orange, VA.

Skilled, Loyal Workforce

Orange County has a diverse and loyal civilian labor force, with the majority “in-commuting,” and has access to a vast labor market in the immediately surrounding area. Learn more.

Business Friendliness

Orange’s business-friendly nature is evident by its progressive local leadership, its ease for permitting, and few barriers to entry. Orange County offers ideal business and industry locations and community resources necessary to support a prosperous and diversified economy. Learn more.

Technology and Innovation

Manufacturing and agribusiness have long been established and successful industries here in Orange County. It is home to several nationally-recognized manufacturing leaders and a growing health services industry. Learn more.

Transportation & Infrastructure

Orange County is served by an excellent transportation network of major U.S. and state highways that provide safe, convenient and immediate access to points north, south, east and west. Orange has a sizeable collection of available industrial and business parks as well as other notable buildings and locations. A modern infrastructure exists along key industrial and commercial zones in the county, and business communication capabilities continually improve and expand as new technology develops. Learn more.

Quality of Life

A vastly untouched and remarkable rural countryside that is endowed with cultural, recreational and historical interest are some of the distinguishing qualities of Orange County. Orange County is a bountiful visitors’ destination and the tourism industry flourishes year-round due to mild four seasons, beckoning landscapes and lakes, and many historical landmarks and celebrations. Learn more.


Several major reputable two-year institutions and universities are within an hour’s drive of Orange and others are within two-three hours. Learn more.

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